Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blue Waistcoat (v2.0) "Sunday Best"

I had a week off work before the last weekend of this year's SoCal Faire, so I was able to make some new pieces to wear with my waistcoat for a much posher look.


What a difference some accessories make!

I based the silhouette primarily on this Hollar print (I even modified a 1960's fur hat and had some gloves in my basket, but California heat made them way too impractical).
Some elements --such as the cuffs-- were borrowed from similar prints.

The skirt is a medium weight mustard linen, though unlike the last one it only has 3 panels (which are not shaped).  As a result the circumference of the waist is larger, but the hem circumference is smaller (aprox. 180" for each).  It is cartridge pleated with 3/8"pleats all the way around, with the front 8" left flat. It's trimmed with 3 rows of 1/2" orange cotton braid.

The cutwork at the bottom of the apron has been salvaged from a 19th century piece and then attached to 3.5 oz linen.  It's 40" across, gathered to approximately 9" at the waistband.

The linen ruff is from The Renaissance Tailor (a style which, sadly, has  since been discontinued).

The cuffs are simple linen squares, edged with cotton lace and then pinned to the sleeve.

I had started a blue/black wool caplet to complete the outfit, but couldn't decided on the length and what colour to line it with so it is still languishing on my dress dummy...

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